The Creative Majority was created to give power back to the multitudes of creative-minded Americans to do what they do best: create art and use it to voice their concerns. Whether it is developing new art programs in our local schools, defending women’s issues or weighing in on elections, America’s artists now have a valuable voice in the national conversation.

At the very heart of the Creative Majority is a structure that takes the notion of a traditional political organization and stands it on its head: We will crowd source project ideas, connect worthy projects to funding and harness creativity to change the way people think. The Creative Majority hopes to make that voice loud and clear in Washington DC and around the country.

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Lady Parts Justice Featuring Lizz Winstead

Women’s reproductive rights videos and political action

  • Lizz Winstead Artist

Project Pitch Policy We have an open pitch policy, meaning that anyone can pitch new project ideas at any time. Pitches will be curated and displayed on our website, where interested funders can browse and choose what they’d like to support. We hope the projects will represent a diverse set of issues and mediums - all created by members of the Creative Majority community.